Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So I guess this is the curse of being an introvert as you all know I am: with a little planning I can pull off talking to a large group, but when it comes to things that will probably make me cry, no amount of planning will help. I feel though like I missed an important opportunity tonight. So now at home by myself I can tell you all how much this team has meant to me.
It has been such an honor  that you all have shared your lives with me.  Every year after the season ends I get sad that I won't get to see your smiling faces everyday. 
I want you to know that each one of you is an amazing person that brings joy to this team. Everyone adds and balances each other into one cohesive unit unlike any other team I've been a part of.
I want you to know that what you have here at Arlington is unique.  The way this team operates and runs is not how all schools are.  That is largely because of your coaches.  It's not often that your coaches care more about who you are as a person as they do about their record for the season. 
Having played through all the levels soccer, I can't tell you how great it made me feel to know that there are coaches like these three guys investing into the lives of great and deserving people like yourselves.
If any of you ever needs soccer advice, recruiting advice, or just life advice find me on Facebook.  And for Pete's sake just go to young life on Monday night! It'll be the best decision you've ever made.
I love you guys and know that nothing will ever compare to the memories I've made with you.

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